Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini


Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini (Italian: ; 3 November 1801 – 23 September 1835) was an Italian opera composer, who was known for his long-flowing melodic lines for which he was named "the Swan of Catania". Many years later, in 1898, Giuseppe Verdi "praised the broad curves of Bellini's melody: 'there are extremely long melodies as no-one else had ever made before' "
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ar:فينشينسو بيليني, be:Вінчэнца Беліні, bg:Винченцо Белини, el:Βιτσέντζο Μπελίνι, fa:وینچنتزو بلینی, ko:빈첸초 벨리니, he:וינצ'נצו בליני, ka:ვინჩენცო ბელინი, la:Vincentius Bellini, ja:ヴィンチェンツォ・ベッリーニ, ru:Винченцо, Беллини, scn:Vicenzu Bellini, sr:Винченцо Белини, uk:Белліні Вінченцо, zh:文琴佐·贝利尼