Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov


Vasily Sergeyevich Kalinnikov (Russian: Васи́лий Серге́евич Кали́нников; January 13  1866. Oryol Governorate – January 11, 1901, Yalta) was a Russian composer of two symphonies, several additional orchestral works and numerous songs, all of them imbued with characteristics of folksong. His symphonies, particularly the First, were frequently performed in the early 20th century.
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ca:Vasili Kalínnikov, de:Wassili Sergejewitsch Kalinnikow, eo:Vasilij Kalinnikov, fr:Vassili Kalinnikov, nl:Vasili Kalinnikov, ja:ヴァシリー・カリンニコフ, pl:Wasilij Kalinnikow, ro:Vasili Kalinnikov, ru:Василий Сергеевич, Калинников, sl:Vasilij Sergejevič Kalinnikov, fi:Vasili Kalinnikov