Ciprian Porumbescu


Ciprian Porumbescu was a Romanian composer born in Șipotele Sucevei in Bukovina. He was among the most celebrated Romanian composers of his time; his popular works include Crai nou, Trei culori, Song for the 1st of May, Ballad for violin and piano, and Serenada. In addition, he composed the music for the Romanian patriotic song "Pe-al nostru steag e scris Unire", which was used for Albania's national anthem, "Himni i Flamurit". His work spreads over various forms and musical genres, but the majority of his work is choral and operetta.
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he:צ'יפריאן פורומבסקו, hy:Չիպրիան Պորտումբեսկու, nl:Ciprian Porumbescu (componist), ru:Порумбеску, Чиприан, uk:Чіпріан Порумбеску, zh:奇普里安·波隆贝斯库