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Sayed Darwish (Arabic: سيد درويش‎‎, IPA: ; 17 March 1892 – 15 September 1923) was an Egyptian singer and composer who was considered the father of Egyptian popular music and one of Egypt's greatest musicians and its single greatest composer. Darwish died of a heart attack in Alexandria on 15 September 1923 (aged 31). He is still regarded as a noble and adored figure in Egyptian history.
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ar:سيد درويش, arz:سيد درويش, es:Sayed Darwich, fr:Sayed Darwich, he:סייד דרוויש, ja:サイード・ダルウィーシュ, ko:사예드 다르위시, uk:Сайєд Дарвіш