Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov


Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov (Russian: Александр Васильевич Александров, Aleksandr Vasilevich Aleksandrov) (13 April  1883 – 8 July 1946) was a Russian Soviet composer, the founder of the Alexandrov Ensemble, who wrote the music for the national anthem of the Soviet Union, which, in 2000, became the anthem of Russia (with new lyrics). During his career, he also worked as a professor of the Moscow State Conservatory, and became a Doctor of Arts. His work was recognized by the awards of the title of People's Artist of the USSR and the Stalin Prize.
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ar:ألكسندر ألكسندروف, bg:Александър Александров (диригент), ca:Aleksandr Vassílievitx Aleksàndrov, de:Alexander Wassiljewitsch Alexandrow, el:Αλεξάντρ Βασίλιεβιτς Αλεξάντροφ, es:Aleksandr Aleksándrov, et:Aleksandr Vassiljevitš Aleksandrov, fi:Aleksandr Aleksandrov, fr:Alexandre Vassilievitch Aleksandrov, he:אלכסנדר אלכסנדרוב, hy:Ալեքսանդր Ալեքսանդրով, id:Aleksandr Vasilyevich Aleksandrov, it:Aleksandr Vasil'evič Aleksandrov, ja:アレクサンドル・アレクサンドロフ, ko:알렉산드르 바실리예비치 알렉산드로프, ky:Александров Александр Васильевич, la:Alexander Alexandrov, lmo:Aleksandr Vasil'evič Aleksandrov, mk:Александар Василевич Александров, nl:Aleksandr Aleksandrov, pl:Aleksandr Aleksandrow, ru:Александров, Александр Васильевич, sl:Aleksander Vasiljevič Aleksandrov, sv:Aleksandr Aleksandrov, tr:Aleksandr Aleksandrov, uk:Александров Олександр Васильович, zh:亚历山大·瓦西里耶维奇·亚历山德罗夫