Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach


Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (21 June 1732 – 26 January 1795) was a harpsichordist and composer, the fifth son of Johann Sebastian Bach, sometimes referred to as the "Bückeburg Bach". He is not to be confused with other similarly named members of the Bach family.
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bg:Йохан Кристоф Фридрих, Бах, he:יוהאן כריסטוף פרידריך באך, la:Ioannes Christophorus Fridericus, Bach, ja:ヨハン・クリストフ・フリードリヒ, バッハ, ru:Иоганн Кристоф Фридрих, Бах, sr:Јохан Кристоф Фридрих, Бах, uk:Йоганн Крістоф Фрідріх, Бах, zh:约翰·克里斯托弗·弗里德里希,巴赫