Carl Orff

  • Dates
  • 10 Jul 1895 - 29 Mar 1982


Carl Orff was a German composer and music educator, best known for his cantata Carmina Burana (1937). The concepts of his Schulwerk were influential for children's music education.
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Other names

ar:كارل أورف, be:Карл, Орф, bg:Карл, Орф, el:Καρλ, Ορφ, fa:کارل ارف, ko:카를, 오르프, hy:Կարլ Օրֆ, he:קרל אורף, la:Carolus, Orff, arz:كارل اورف, ja:カール,オルフ, ru:Карл, Орф, sr:Карл, Орф, th:คาร์ล ออร์ฟ, uk:Карл, Орф, zh:卡尔,奥尔夫