Marc-Antoine Charpentier


Marc-Antoine Charpentier was a French Baroque composer during the reign of Louis XIV. One of his most famous works is the main theme from the prelude of his Te Deum, which is still used today as a fanfare during television broadcasts as part of Eurovision.
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bg:Марк Антоан Шарпантие, he:מארק-אנטואן שרפנטייה, la:Marcus Antonius Charpentier, ja:マルカントワーヌ・シャルパンティエ, ru:Марк Антуан, Шарпантье, ar:مارك أنطوان شاربنتييه, el:Μαρκ-Αντουάν Σαρπαντιέ, ka:მარკ-ანტუან შარპანტიე, ko:마르크앙투안 샤르팡티에, sr:Марк-Антоан Шарпантје, th:มาร์ก-อ็องตวน ชาร์ป็องตีเย, uk:Марк Антуан Шарпантьє, zh:马克-安东尼·夏庞蒂埃, zh-yue:馬克安托雲沙龐鐵耶