Arcangelo Corelli


Arcangelo Corelli (/kɔːˈrɛli/; 17 February 1653 – 8 January 1713) was an Italian violinist and composer of the Baroque era. His music was key in the development of the modern genres of sonata and concerto, in establishing the preeminence of the violin, and as the first coalescing of modern tonality and functional harmony.
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ar:أركانجلو كوريلي, be:Арканджэла Карэлі, bg:Арканджело Корели, el:Αρκάντζελο Κορέλι, ko:아르칸젤로 코렐리, he:ארכאנג'לו קורלי, ka:არქანჯელო კორელი, la:Archangelus Corelli, ja:アルカンジェロ・コレッリ, ru:Арканджело, Корелли, zh:阿尔坎杰罗·科雷利