Alessandro Scarlatti


Pietro Alessandro Gaspare Scarlatti was an Italian Baroque composer, known especially for his operas and chamber cantatas. He is considered the most important representative of the Neapolitan school of opera. He was the father of two other composers, Domenico Scarlatti and Pietro Filippo Scarlatti.
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uk:Алессандро Скарлатті, ar:ألساندرو سكارلاتي, be:Алесандра Скарлаці, ko:알레산드로 스카를라티, he:אלסנדרו סקרלטי, ka:ალესანდრო სკარლატი, la:Alexander Scarlatti, mk:Алесандро Скарлати, ja:アレッサンドロ・スカルラッティ, ru:Алессандро, Скарлатти, scn:Alissandru Scarlatti, zh:亚历山德罗·斯卡拉蒂