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The Undercroft, St John’s Church

Monday, 24 May 2010, 7:30PM

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Buy tickets at the door at 7 pm, or e-mail info(at)gonzagamusic(dot)co(dot)uk



From man to Man
Bach to Napoleon.


Giles Swayne (composer-in-residence, Clare College, Cambridge) addresses some of the questions you have always wanted to ask about Western classical music e.g. What is a Tritone? Why is Bach a Good Thing? Where might you find a Hemiola? Is Recapitulation a serious condition? If you like Wagner, are you a racist? What happened to Modern Music? Is a Minor Triad a group of tiny oriental gangsters? Are Interrupted Cadences painful? When Schönberg and Gershwin met, what did they
do? Is a Neapolitan Sixth a member of the Camorra, or an ice-cream? Why do we love Beethoven? When César Franck was run over by a bus, where was he going and does it really matter? What is the Meaning of Life? (etc)

Thirteen sessions, grouped into three terms. Each session consists of a 60-minute talk with musical illustrations, followed by an uplifting drink and 45 minutes of open discussion


Lansdowne Crescent
Ladbroke Grove
W11 2NN

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