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Ein deutsches Requiem Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
    • Masterpiece in the history of world culture. Only in the form: does not follow the traditional form of "Requiem"; does not rely on traditional lyrics in Latin, but in parts of the A.T. from the Bible according to the King James version passed to German; holds 7 United tempos for an enormous spiritual, sentimental and consistency of character. In terms of compositional elements, the work is covered by a reason developed around 3 notes in a leap of 3rd largest-first speech choir presents this motif in the soprano (F – A – B ♭). Despite being a religious piece, sacred or liturgical, is not showing us a message more Christian humanist who earned what Brahms criticism of sectors more conservatives and traditionalists. On the other hand, formally, tends to a classicist scheme-which also earned him criticism for part of the romantics exacerbated and Wagnerian roles. The orchestration of beautiful effects includes the lack of violins on the first swing, a flute "piccolo", Clarinets, a pair of horns, trumpets, tuba, timbales/timpani, as well as harps at the end of the 1st and the 7th (last) tempos. The atmospheres oscillate between the intimacy of Chamber music and the apotheosis of a symphonic revelation. A book on which all words will be vain and unable to do justice to the power of musical ideas that invokes!

    • onomatopeira (Icarus Lazuli) · 30 September 2014