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About The Planets

The Planets, Op. 32, is a seven-movement orchestral suite by the English composer Gustav Holst, written between 1914 and 1916. Each movement of the suite is named after a planet of the Solar System and its corresponding astrological character as defined by Holst. With the exception of Earth, all the astrological planets known during the work's composition are represented.
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Other sub titles

Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age, af:Saturnus, am:ማህፈድ, ang:Sætern, ar:زحل, an:Saturno, frp:Saturno, ast:Saturnu, bn:শনি গ্রহ, zh-min-nan:Thó͘-chheⁿ, ba:Сатурн, be:Планета Сатурн, bo:སྤེན་པ།, br:Sadorn, bg:Сатурн, cv:Сатурн, co:Saturnu, cy:Sadwrn, nv:Séetin, el:Κρόνος, eml:Satûren, es:Saturno, eo:Saturno, eu:Saturno, fa:کیوان, hif:Sanigrah, fr:Saturne, ga:Satarn, gv:Sarn, gd:Satarn, gl:Saturno, frr:Saturnus, gan:土星, gu:શનિ, xal:Бемб, ko:토성, haw:Makulu, hy:Երևակ, hi:शनि, io:Saturno, ilo:Saturno, id:Saturnus, ia:Saturno, os:Сатурн, is:Satúrnus, it:Saturno, he:שבתאי, jv:Saturnus, ka:სატურნი, csb:Saturna, kk:Қоңырқай, kw:Sadorn, rw:Umubumbe wa Saturune, sw:Zohali, ht:Satin, ku:Keywan, la:Saturnus, lv:Saturns, lt:Saturnas, lij:Satûrno, li:Saturnus, ln:Saturne, hu:Szaturnusz, mk:Сатурн, ml:ശനി, mt:Saturnu, mr:शनी ग्रह, arz:ساتورن, mzn:زحل, ms:Zuhal, mwl:Saturno, mdf:Сатурн, mn:Санчир, my:စနေဂြိုဟ်, nah:Tzitzimicītlalli, nl:Saturnus, ne:शनिग्रह, ja:土星, nn:Planeten Saturn, nov:Saturne, oc:Saturne, pa:ਸ਼ਨੀ ਗ੍ਰਹਿ, pnb:زحل, ps:زحل, pt:Saturno, ksh:Satturrən, qu:Hawcha, ru:Сатурн, rue:Сатурн, sah:Сатурн, se:Saturnus, sa:शनि, sq:Saturni, scn:Saturnu, so:Raage, sr:Сатурн, su:Saturnus, fi:Saturnus, sv:Saturnus, tl:Saturno, ta:சனி, tt:Сатурн, th:ดาวเสาร์, tg:Зуҳал, tr:Satürn, uk:Сатурн, ur:زحل, ug:ساتۇرن, vi:Sao Thổ, war:Saturno, wuu:土星, yi:סאטורן, yo:Sátúrnù, zh-yue:土星, bat-smg:Satorns, zh:土星

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