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Eliseo Arcifa (b. 1994)


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Professional information

  • Instruments:
  • Pianoforte
  • Voice:
  • Baritono
  • Skills:
  • Pianista, neo-cantante lirico

About me

Hello to all who may be of interest to my profile. I am a boy from another age, perhaps unconventional one hand, or maybe just in need of simplicity that was once the "people". My mother says I should be born in 800, my sister says I should be born in 1970. I give reason for both, but if the choice could lead to the attainment of it perhaps would prefer to live in 800, or just before. When the height of romance spend a few hours looking out the window in his solitude to observe the vast expanses of citrus fruit was not considered "strange" when turning the cylinder was normal, and when popular music meant to listen to Beethoven, even if I was already somewhat "old fashioned" if I had read Shakespeare. This is my description, my world to that of the soon to be destined to disappear, but I hope that it lasts for nascondermici between the notes of a good composer ...