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Antonio Jose Lopes (b. 1965)


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Professional information

  • Instruments:
  • Guitar Acustic (solo)
  • Voice:
  • Down (E)
  • Skills:
  • Classic Music
  • Qualifications:
  • Using correct guitar tuning for a single string of reference and principles of respecting use of octave harmonics and making some adjustments due to deformation of the strings, there are the ranges of the scale temperade.All imperfect for natural, but bearable except the range of octaves they are perfect.go to back the end see diagram.(Proposta progressiva para o estudante de violão Clássico) m
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About me

I'm Student of popular and classic guitar. I'm working on your piece and are using the version on my YouTube "model" as I Improve my playing. I've watched and listened to many of your other YouTube performances. I'm happy! This is really nice, I'm planing to study guitar myself.I learn this five year ago and one day I will Arrive to go there, I hope!. I would like to Improve the quality of the youtube videos Will we all enjoy so much more Them.