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Reviews of Land of my Fathers (Hen Wlad fy Nhadau) Voice, Piano, Organ

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Land of my Fathers (Hen Wlad fy Nhadau) Voice, Piano, Organ Rating: 4.88 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
    • Beautiful. One of the most stunning anthems in the world. The harmonizing in this score is just beautiful.

    • John · 6 May 2017
    • very well extraordinary

    • jorris · 20 May 2016
    • It is by far the best And greatest national anthem of all time. The warmth that comes through with the harmonisation is just the neck hair standing tall. Especially when there is a Welsh male voice choir singing it, the warmth and depth to tone. Tremendous.

    • Tal · 8 October 2015
    • So glad that I found such a nice accompaniment at last!

    • Mrs Jones · 27 February 2015
    • Yes, the bass line in particular is wonderful! Thanks

    • dfw · 1 August 2013
    • My father would sing this to me when I was a nipper, he would sing it in welsh. So nice to have the music now I am old and playing the violin

    • Trevor Vickery · 11 November 2012
    • Great arrangement. Very clear.

    • Martyn Reynolds · 5 October 2011
    • Just what I needed to arrange a Brass Band score

    • Ian Blower · 5 October 2011
    • Wonderful arrangement

    • John Berry · 21 September 2011
    • It is an excellent arrangement and very helpful to me, working on an arrangement of this anthem for SATB. Thank you.

    • Tim Meier · 12 February 2011
    • Try playing it on an organ!

    • Dale · 4 December 2008
    • Wow - what a harmonisation! Especially the descending bass line in the second half - thematic AND out there. Beats the usual old I-IV-I-IV...

      David, I hope you're not teaching your children to play this on the piano - some of those stretches are pretty big!

    • Joan Cantor · 8 November 2008
    • This is a really great arrangement, I've been using it to teach my kids. Thanks a lot!

    • David Jones · 3 November 2008