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Reviews of Mother Goose (Ma Mère l'Oie) Solo arrangement

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Mother Goose (Ma Mère l'Oie) Solo arrangement Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
    • My first download, great

    • Alfred · 11 June 2020
    • So pleased to find the full suite available for piano solo. Had not heard of these pieces until a recent Charleston Symphony performance in which Conrad Tao played 'The Fairy Garden" as his encore. So lovely! It was very difficult to find a pdf version of the music and the quality is fine.

    • Tracy Grooms · 26 February 2020
    • Ravel is one of my most favorite composers.

    • PjJns · 13 December 2015
    • a very beautiful piece

    • norbert · 19 July 2013
    • Another of my favorite works. Thanks. Santiago Lupino.

    • Santiago Lupino · 16 June 2009