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Pictures at an Exhibition Original version Rating: 4.95 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
    • Grade e grazie!

    • Giuseppe Zampini · 27 December 2020
    • Wonderful! Simple to download, very fast and good quality!

    • Sarah · 21 March 2018
    • A remarkable piece of music . I do not go along with the critical guff that was held against him,I see it as a one - off masterpiece.Of course I am judging it by the strength of the climax...which I am a sucker for

    • Sam wAYlen · 20 February 2017
    • A huge thing!

    • pictures and exibition · 18 February 2016
    • I had the sheet music for piano compketo but remained to my sister ... I'm glad to be back.
      Thank you

    • guido · 11 December 2015
    • an absolute masterpiece!

    • mario casettari · 18 October 2014
    • thanks; it's difficult to find the full composition for 'exhibition', this is faithful reproduction

    • AJ · 3 October 2014
    • everything ok

    • Just Me · 4 April 2013
    • Hello, thank you for sharing this beautiful work. The first time you hear it was in the version of Isao Tomita, but did not know or the interpreter, not the author. Then listen to ELP, and since that time each can I try to listen to it live with any of the symphonic orchestras we have in Mexico. 08/01/2012.

    • Cuauhtemoc Brenes Ramos. · 2 August 2012
    • The piano version appears at least in part superior to the famous orchestra version of Ravel, specifically the Chicken Ballet, Catacombae and the mirrowing of the Great Gate in the Dnepr. Ideal for synthesis (may be hard to play).

    • Hermann Schmutz · 25 July 2012
    • Very good. It has a tremendous force. I met her through the version of the trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer

    • carlos monteverde · 13 June 2012
    • Great work by Mussorgsky.

    • Thiago Hallak · 17 November 2010
    • Thank freely available to one of my favorite works. Thanks.

    • Santiago Lupino · 16 June 2009