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Reviews of Piano Sonata No. 4 Piano

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Piano Sonata No. 4 Piano Rating: 4.20 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
    • I love, this sonata

    • baroin · 24 August 2019
    • How wonderful and gracious to have this music so freely given! I've also disdained those who seek to profit through no contribution of their own to the music! I wouldn't mind paying Mozart for it but, be damned paying some fool for nothing they've done!

    • Merréll O'Brian · 6 November 2014
    • No comment... Mozart is unsurpassed.
      but there was an error editing the score: the first movement is AGAGIO and not HAPPY!

    • João Pedro · 8 March 2012
    • nhung nhung

    • pham phuong nhung · 25 June 2010