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We Three Kings of Orient are Four part Rating: 4.64 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.
    • very good song

    • antonio ochoa · 1 December 2019
    • Song full of anointing, very solemn. She's just beautiful.

    • hna. Ana Julia de San Jose Suriel Quezada · 24 November 2019
    • Wonderful Christmas carol!

    • Irmgard Ingenhorst · 2 December 2013
    • Wonderful song! Thank you!

    • Chris · 27 November 2013
    • The piece "we three kings of Orient are" is a magical song.
      It is a hymn to the "perfect light", iimmer more people perceive.
      Thank you for the download.

    • Willi Finkenrath · 21 December 2012
    • Excellent

    • Sam Gilliam · 21 December 2011
    • Very useful, thanks!

    • Ruben Tierrablanca · 20 December 2011
    • Geiler song las cracking: D

    • Andrea Lojdlos · 18 December 2011
    • Then too, there’s the story of the three wise men as retold in the Christmas carol, “We Three Kings of Orient Are.” The song was written by Rev. John Henry Hopkins in 1857. The carol itself is a complete and total lie, indicting that the three wise men came bearing gifts and to worship the new born king, Jesus. If Christians would actually open and read their bibles they’d read an entirely different account. Namely, that Herod sent the three wise men to find out the location of Jesus so that he could kill him, but God sent an angel to the three men to go the other way around to go home, without meeting Herod. In Matthew 2: 2-3 we read 2 saying: “Where is the one born king of the Jews? For we saw his star [when we were] in the east, and we have come to do him obeisance.” 3 At hearing this King Herod was agitated, and all Jerusalem along with him; No other king was going to take over his thrown, and so he ordered all children under the age of two years be killed in the hope that Jesus would be one of them. Of course, the entire account of what actually happened can be found in your bibles there at Matthew 2: 1-23. Yet another fine example of mainstream Christianity twisting the scriptures to satisfy their own selfish interests!

    • David Alexander · 1 March 2011
    • I've been singing this piece in our choir over christmas time for years now I'm downloading for a play

    • Carla · 16 December 2010
    • I love this sing!

    • louis · 4 December 2010
    • Very high quality

    • Hudson · 22 November 2010