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Reviews of The Coventry Carol Voice, SATB

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The Coventry Carol Voice, SATB Rating: 4.67 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
    • Smoothly! A small fault in the 3rd verse: '' he hat '' is actually "he hath", old form of the third person writing, become '' he has '' in current English.

    • Yves · 23 December 2013
    • A beautiful piece for my guitar ensemble

    • "Albääär" · 6 December 2012
    • I LOVE this Carol, though I would prefer one with two changes (which would requre a larger score: (1) Lyric for first verse altered to "Lully, Lullay, Thou little tiny Child" with (in first verse only) the half note at the second measure replaced by two eighths and a quarter to handle the extra syllabication; and (2) In third verse only, removing the accidental # (sharp) from the F in the first measure only. Easy enough to hand alter for performance use. Great typesetting! Thank you, thank you.

    • Mary L. Jones · 18 October 2012
    • Very beautiful! Thank you for the partition

    • nadouche · 22 September 2012
    • This is great

    • Caroline Milhau · 23 July 2011
    • Hello!!

    • Elia · 12 March 2011
    • I seek the diatonic accordion transcription of this piece! ...
      Thank you!

      Yael yael.benahim @

    • Benahim Yaël · 6 March 2011
    • One of my favorites. I play it on the mountain dulcimer. It fits well.

    • John Kisela · 24 September 2009