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Reviews of Salve Regina SATB a Capella

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Salve Regina SATB a Capella Rating: 4.20 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
    • A good balance of contrary movement between the 4 parts and relieved by all parts moving in vertical harmony in certain areas. Only the first two lines of the original lyrics are used, but just as well to keep it simple so we can focus on the arrangement itself. I like the fact that the final phrase is repeated over and over moving smoothly towards a quiet and sustained finale.

    • Philomena Yong · 3 November 2014
    • The most beautiful homage to the mother of Jesus

    • Regina Bernini · 25 April 2012
    • lovely song

    • pepekiler · 28 February 2012
    • It's a very nice score. Thank you very much. I will play it on my clarinet.

    • Danny Nijs · 20 March 2011