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Reviews of Choral Fantasy in C minor Full Score

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Choral Fantasy in C minor Full Score Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
    • ein sehr grossartiges Musikerlebnis!

    • peter · 4 June 2020
    • Es una hermosa obra, llena de matices, cadencias, contrapuntos entre el piano y la orquesta y su final coral, espectacular

    • Rodolfo Andrade · 9 April 2020
    • Perfect. I use it for my choir rehearsal.

    • mircea · 24 January 2015
    • The difference between Beethoven and other musicians is that others were a few virtuous example Motzart that comprised with ease, he composed over 40 symphonies, concerts, operas, etc. This ability you action strive to really compose works of the sumptuous as the composed by Beethoven, because limited in many ways, through the study and effort achievement detonate if his creativity from the genius that was, in this mode achievement to compose works to a single instrument as the sonata CLARO DE LUNA, or works such as Coral fantasy or his Sinfoniam 9a really majestic.

    • Arq, Luis Meneses · 24 June 2012
    • Tres belle piece too little interpreted

    • Moulin · 11 January 2012
    • I am passionate about the music of Beethoven - was a great composer and his music always conveys grandeur, greatness - great

    • mercy · 31 July 2011
    • good

    • heochulsu · 5 September 2009