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Ungarische Melodie Original version Rating: 4.67 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
    • It is a beautiful work, I studied her, trying to play this beautiful song. Thanks for sharing and making our lives more cheerful and sweet.

    • graziela · 29 December 2017
    • If anyone else-apart from the Schubert-skomponowałby track based on the melodyce, he said only creature slushy, luscious, suitable only for a single hearing. The difference lies in the genius of Franz Schubert: mastery of small forms, the simplicity of the invoices, original moderation.
      A. J.

    • Andrzej J. · 19 January 2016
    • i think it's a very good music

    • henri · 27 August 2012