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Adelita Guitar Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
    • Source is trust and easy to download. Helpful for musician

    • Silverius · 20 July 2019
    • beautiful quiet piece

    • Markus · 26 April 2014
    • I really like this song.

    • jairo martins de oliveira · 19 April 2014
    • I'm coming to play guitar after many, many years away, practically I am starting again, I remembered this song and just download the sheet music. When played I wore bandages but it seems that this score does not have, it is simple to play. I think that with a little training you can play satisfactorily.

    • Antonio Emilio · 18 January 2013
    • Without criticism. So tributes to whoever posted this wonder of sec .17/18. My congratulations

    • Joao Batista Correa · 7 September 2012
    • excellent sweet and heady
      to learn absolutely

    • guigs · 27 April 2012
    • Ingenious filing in his figlarności song, which shows how thankful the instrument might be guitar.

    • Bartosz · 12 December 2011
    • Tárrega is all feeling. Their songs almost cry. Adelita is an immense sweetness. Thanks to you guys of Cantorion by making itself the trouble to have these treasures of grace to us. Thank you very much.

    • Hudson Wagner da Costa · 10 December 2011