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Reviews of Piano Sonata No. 16 1. Allegro (typeset)

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Piano Sonata No. 16 1. Allegro (typeset) Rating: 4.88 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
    • Very good quality.

    • Remei Martínez i Rosaleny · 1 April 2019
    • Thank you for such beautiful piece, please upload the other movements

    • Carlos Canto Ch · 27 May 2015
    • Greetings!. I need to study this piece, because I need to learn to play a "SONATA", without
      any experience.
      I was talking with my teacher, and I did explained that for me, es "Very Difficult". And now, I need to learn and to study, and to play, "Step to Step". But, I see, that I hace many
      difficult for "Learn".
      And, for many weeks..., I am watching differents "Videos", from "YOUTUBE.COM"
      Thankyou, very much; for this webpage site for to learn "Piano".

      Best Regard: Mr. Hannibal Selas(Sr)

    • HANNIBAL SELAS · 13 November 2014
    • I am 82 years old and I handed over to the study of the piano. They advised me this Sonata.
      I hope I still have many years before me to pass "through"
      of these 6 pages!
      Thank you.

    • Jean Néron · 19 October 2013
    • very good melody is very soft and strong wing again

    • eumono · 13 August 2013
    • wonderful work but still did not know already pretty axei

    • Ciane Souza · 29 September 2011
    • It is a great piece!!!!!!!!!

    • Luciano · 31 August 2011
    • is a beautiful sonata by Mozart, this well-written waiver of the compass 53 has a typo and that you can not commit to Mozart

    • manuel Encina Muñoz · 30 April 2011
    • Magnificent, wonderful, splendid!

    • Sara A.B.M. · 21 November 2010
    • Beautiful, beautiful beautiful!

    • Sara A.B.M. · 21 November 2010
    • this is one of the best songs of amadeus mozart, lleba time searching and found it here, THANK YOU !!!!!!!

    • marcos daniel · 16 October 2010