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Reviews of A Maiden's Prayer (Modlitwa dziewicy) Piano

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A Maiden's Prayer (Modlitwa dziewicy) Piano Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 24 reviews.
    • a good song written in I, IV and V degrees of the scale using doing the melody in the acordal form. Very interesting this work form is treated as.

    • manuel felipe herrada caraveo · 29 April 2015
    • Thank you for sharing, the song is my first classical music I master

    • Oktiningsih · 5 November 2014
    • Very beautiful piece of seemingly simple... so ask professionals pianists what they think!

    • leo leluthier · 12 February 2014
    • If rose I the other day to hear it in the movie roots and ties and get excited much, the first time you hear it was in a small village in Switzerland in 1964 had an alarm clock waking me every day, as always had engraved in my heart, and for more than 40 years reminded me of that melody 7 years ago my children bought me a computer and I started going on the internet and so I have come to read your letter to me to liked much, luck to you and thank you for your comment...Miguel

    • Miguel Diaz · 25 January 2014
    • I am delighted with this composition, since-dozens of years ago-I heard it performed by the Wacka & Brand from "the black album" (LP), which from time to time still I reach. In particular the mood amazes me "Prayer." by Mitsuru Nagai (vide: Youtube), and last by-unfortunately, PA. -Olga Rusinę (Abum "ten songs on piano Thecla Bądarzewskiej performs Olga Rusina").

    • HJK'46 · 25 December 2013
    • Thanks for this part

    • Rudy · 14 November 2013
    • it is excellent

    • moji zakoy · 22 October 2013
    • Beautiful piece which brings back memories of my mother playing the piano. This composition was always my request when she sat down at the piano.

    • Sandy Kelly · 18 June 2013
    • Wonderful pieces of piano!

    • Lucie · 12 May 2013
    • Also I have heard in a movie "Roots and ties", and I carried my youth. Las Arenas (Bilbao), played her my cousin Helen, generally were evenings of rain... I still exciting. Thank you.

    • Rosa Fernández Zárate · 21 May 2012
    • QUIEROOO this melody took taxed in my heart from very small my mother who is now 90 years played and yet still playing great... thanks! …, heard today in one film and corri to search for her is truly hermosaaaaa!... overflowing my love!...

    • maría teresa casañas · 7 March 2012
    • Wonderful, evocative, suggestive tune. It brings me to the old days of my childhood in the Basque country. I have recorded in my brain and my heart.

    • Eugenio Landa · 9 February 2012
    • I think this is good to practice your piano skills! Good luck!

    • Taro · 4 December 2011
    • The beautiful sounds of my childhood.

    • Maria · 31 October 2011
    • noting

    • bobby · 23 September 2011
    • supere

    • martin · 2 July 2011
    • Great practice too !!!!!!!!!

    • Zoulou · 27 April 2011
    • good

    • steffi · 27 April 2011
    • super

    • state · 19 April 2011
    • tt simply beautiful

    • rakotomalala · 18 April 2011
    • amoooooooooooooo this canion

    • dippy · 26 January 2011