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Kimi ga Yo Rating: 4.33 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.
    • It is a very cute song. A historic anthem. I am Mexican but I admire the anthems of other countries

      それはとても素敵な曲です。 歴史的な国歌。 私はメキシコ人ですが、私は他の国の国歌を賞賛します

    • Samuél Hernández Rebollar · 20 January 2017
    • pretty ... I also want to find out what it's like to kimi ga yo. What about you??

    • Mat · 15 April 2013
    • One of the few sites that I found on the internet that has a varied repertoire, both in content and in versions for various difficulties.Are to be congratulated!

    • Michael Ribeiro da Silva · 16 August 2012
    • Excellent. the difficult is to download, I myself find it very difficult to do this

    • Edson Jose Pereira da Cunha · 30 July 2012