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Tosca Vocal score (Italian) Rating: 3.90 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
    • It's wonderful to see the details of Puccini's incredible work. After living and working with an Italian family while I was in high school, I learned Italian opera. The family was the Tinti's from Bologna, Italy and their restaurant was in Agawam, Massachusetts, USA.
      I've grown to appreciate the romantic grandeur and majesty of the Italian singers and composers of opera. Listening to grand opera during a quiet Wednesday afternoon at the restaurant while touching up murals of Marco Polo presenting spaghetti to the people of Venice will always be a treasured memory.
      Now I can follow the score while enjoying Puccini.
      Thank you

    • Ronald Lyons · 17 April 2020
    • Being a fan of operas, I was looking for piano singing excerpts from Tosca.

    • Orny · 18 December 2019
    • There are scores of Operas Italian only in Italian? the translation into English and the adaptation of the notes to the silabeo of another language much hinder the study and seems to me, moreover, how to paint with markers on a Picasso.

    • Manuel Lázaro · 7 February 2017
    • It is a very important tool for the singer

    • angel emilio cerricchio · 30 October 2014
    • bright, creaking, aromatic

    • antonio porchia · 30 August 2013
    • perfect stuff to sing...

    • frans schoors · 10 November 2012
    • I suppose that I and other users of Cantorion believe that is very useful, both for the hobbyist, like myself, and for music students, because of the wide variety of subjects covered and the ease with which access them. Personally, what I use most are the scores and concerts. Thank you.

    • Emilio Barrenetxea · 13 October 2011
    • Very good! (y)

    • D. Hsu · 4 August 2011