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Reviews of Morceaux de Fantaisie 2. Prélude in C sharp minor

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Morceaux de Fantaisie 2. Prélude in C sharp minor Rating: 4.50 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
    • the piano at the highest level

    • szopin · 2 March 2012
    • This piece is the meaning of beautiful classical style music. The first time I heard this in a performance I was instantly caught by the beauty of the first few chords; they're very suspenseful. A piece like this would show of the skill of any great pianist, I would recommend it to anyone advanced in their piano and to build their admirable repertoire.

    • Stephanie · 14 September 2011
    • Mostly great piece. Just this version leaves out some inner notes from chords in the BIG LOUD section, so it leaves it feeling a little empty. But not so noticable if you're not comparing it.

    • Melanie · 25 February 2011