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Reviews of Amarte es un Placer Amarte es un Placer

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Amarte es un Placer Amarte es un Placer Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
    • excellent composition... a pleasure is to interpret it

    • Angi Luz · 28 April 2019
    • Excellent work.

    • Gustavo A Cabrera Ordóñez · 9 June 2015
    • Thank you thousand; I wish to rise more themes of luis miguel porq' the structures of its harmonies and other elements of his songs I used to study them and apply them to certain issues to compose.

    • richard panibra flores · 6 March 2013
    • It is simply a masterpiece of Luis Miguel, thank compatriot. It appreciates lots this very valuable contribution. Long time I was looking for original scores of LM, a dream fulfilled.

    • Ricardo David González González · 20 December 2011