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Reviews of Concierto para Viola y Cuerda en G Mayor Viola Solo

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Concierto para Viola y Cuerda en G Mayor Viola Solo Rating: 4.75 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
    • It's a beautiful concert, I love it! And also the page! I was looking for a website where you could download scores and found: 3 this other
      Greetings: 3

    • valentina · 12 June 2015
    • Thanks to practice it has been said I hope to achieve this and already then tell them my results.

    • mary castillo · 25 June 2014
    • It's a beautiful concert, play it since I'm 10 years old, and now that I have 15 is still my favorite. Greetings brothers, violists.

    • Aidee Marquez · 7 April 2014
    • It's a great concert, I as a viola player can assure that it is beautiful... It costs a bit, but with effort managed to release some of the 4 movements. Learn it, is truly beautiful.

    • Estefania Rivas · 13 March 2014
    • Maybe but less than violates

    • gregory · 18 February 2013
    • : or, as is that I do on vacation, to prison terms as lei and I liked!

    • chabeli. · 16 December 2011
    • is excellent, works perfectly

    • john edison gomez saldaerriaga · 29 August 2011
    • I really like

    • ofelia haydee munizaga de castro · 7 April 2011
    • Well, I think as a violist, we run this show, because it is the first Viola Concerto was written. I hope this contribution will be helpful

    • Eduardo Retana · 10 August 2010