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4' 33" Rating: 4.00 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
    • mrG should calm down. Seems to me like Cantorion are making a protest out of the absurdity of copyright. I for one would say it's more of a "hoax" to charge $5 for a blank piece of paper than to give it away for nothing.

    • silenzio · 19 December 2010
    • cute. But its a hoax folks, it's not the score, its a lame shot to piggyback a promotion on the fame of #cageagainstthemachine and hey guys, c'mon, I don't hate ya, but I'm unimpressed.

      So do yourself a favour, skip the download, read and then spend the $5 to get the REAL score (although, as you'll read, it actually ISN'T the real score either! but at least the cage estate will put the money to good use) and by all means perform it with the earnestness it deserves.

      or better still, sail into the Cage Against The Machine website and throw a monkey wrench in the mass-media music culture while tossing a mere dollar at some very worthwhile musical charities! (

      Oh and Cantorion, if you really must make a bit of fun out of this, you could create a "Cheap Imitation" out of 4'33" -- do a google search on that Cage score to find out how (and why) it was done :)

    • mrG · 17 December 2010
    • Thanks had been trying to work it out from the recording...

    • John · 17 December 2010
    • This piece is truly monumental.

    • Noey De Leon · 8 December 2010