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Reviews of Where is my home? (Kde domov můj?) Voice, Piano

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Where is my home? (Kde domov můj?) Voice, Piano Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
    • Molto melodico e tenero, il mio inno nazionale.

    • Pavla · 15 February 2020
    • The origin of this hymn is also interesting: it is a song composed for a theatrical satire in 1834. Comedy has not remained on display for a long time, the satire was not well seen by the imperial power, but the song has fascinated the public and became a true tube around the old Bohemian. Over time, it became the national anthem. One of the most beautiful in the world, no doubt.

    • Maria Betânia Ferreira · 6 June 2018
    • good quality notes!!

    • anonimowy · 19 August 2014
    • That is clearly the most beautiful anthem in the world, I have to admitt. It gives you chills and makes you humble. It is strong and soft at the same time. It sounds simply great.

    • Cheff · 15 May 2013
    • I love it

    • chris · 20 January 2013
    • Melody very pleasing to the ears.

    • silvano neves de Jesus · 6 April 2012
    • Nice and great

    • ksm · 14 December 2011
    • Of the few, perhaps the only national anthem that speaks only to the beauty of nature and not for war and intolerance. In addition, one musical jewel, full of strength and beauty of Kentroeyrwpaikis music tradition.

    • Δαμιανός Υφαντίδης · 6 December 2011
    • that's so nice song

    • stacy · 13 November 2011
    • super

    • crepin · 25 October 2011