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Reviews of Royal March (Marcha Real) Piano, Organ

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Royal March (Marcha Real) Piano, Organ Rating: 4.70 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.

    • PEDRO SANCHEZ ALVAREZ · 5 April 2015
    • You cock sucking nega

    • zerficker 88 · 5 March 2013
    • a work very patriotic

    • ganapan · 15 February 2013
    • Why anonymous composer?
      The March is by Friedrich II.
      Also, it is not true that the anthem without text would be. For some time she has one: "El viva Espania..." or something like that.

    • Prof. Rainer Wolf · 22 December 2012
    • I love Spain and therefore I get more goose bumps when I hear the Marcha Real.I want the notes to play it on my organ.Thank you very much

    • Udo · 11 December 2012
    • Really liked it. Very good work

    • Osmir Hidalgo Peres · 23 June 2012
    • It is very nice but the neceseta song chords

    • clip · 22 June 2012
    • It is a very good, excellent work

    • Felipe · 11 June 2012
    • I agree with the person who said that your country can you like without being fascist. Before you speak you should read in the dictionary the definition of "fascist" and pass open a history book. All countries are proud of their symbols, is that Spain are the only ones we ashamed or renegamos of them? We were a great empire and we should be proud of our past, accepting the good and the bad. The no sitting Spanish, out of respect to others, should remain silent, and but that it leaves and stop offending those who do are Spaniards.

    • España · 27 May 2012
    • To which commented that this is fascist, I not think so, which is your country, can you like without you necessarily have to be fascist, so measure your words please

    • jcd · 21 May 2012
    • Facha and more fascist

    • Ramiro Estufugaldo · 29 March 2012
    • is very vonita

    • encarni escudero rubio · 5 December 2011
    • qiero but the violin

    • arantxa fdez. · 19 October 2011
    • Viva Spain

    • Francisco Hernández · 10 June 2011
    • I cannot play it with
      Windows Media Player

    • Judith · 24 May 2011