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Reviews of The Old Frisians (De âlde Friezen) Voice

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The Old Frisians (De âlde Friezen) Voice Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
    • simple but nicely written or edited can be played by anyone at any event

    • patrick peeters · 21 January 2015
    • It is the hymn to the grandezade one of the civilizations more ancient of the planet, the Frisians are an advanced culture, and this is an example of this, the struggle to stay on the beloved land, the land of a germanico people heroism and passion, the land of my ancestors... this work the composition of a teacher for her vaderland, and the music that emerges from it to the be executed, with a large choir, returned me to the long road built by all those hands Honorable ancestors Frisians from the brave Frisian King, all those who still feel noble to sing "de âlde friezen" fire Frisian blood!

    • sergio martin woudwyk · 2 December 2011