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Reviews of Thai National Anthem (Phleng Chat) Voice, Piano

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Thai National Anthem (Phleng Chat) Voice, Piano Rating: 4.67 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
    • Very good transcription! Thanks

    • Alfredo · 16 April 2015
    • Yes, this is the National Anthem of Thailand but at concerts, movies and all musical events the Thai Royal Anthem is played. This is a completely different anthem.

    • Colin · 9 January 2014
    • I love this anthem, it is lovely. Especially when people sing in it, it makes me so happy.
      It also means a lot to me because Thailand is my favourite country.
      Good luck for those who play the piano and sing this !

    • Leeanne · 29 August 2012
    • To Wow, there it is. Interested people please look.

    • Yoko · 13 November 2011
    • It's gona be fun!!!

    • mell · 14 August 2011
    • I think it means a symbol of great music in Thailand.

    • 平本洋子 · 7 March 2011