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Flower of Scotland Voice Rating: 4.72 out of 5 based on 25 reviews.
    • Fantastic piece of music - lovely Scottish lament

    • Garry · 4 January 2019
    • This is a particular anthem, written in 6/8, suitable for a March really slow, difficult to sing for those not familiar with this time. The Scots, though, I sing with an extraordinary transport and does not remember ever having heard a jarring or a stumbling block in implementing an entire Rugby Stadium; What happens instead all, even to very careful English.

    • Danilo L. M. Foca · 25 February 2018
    • The anthem and the soul of Scotland: with a title that evokes the Scottish landscapes, it's actually an air that enhances the resistance of a people was the invader, with a beautiful melody. Accompaniment recording is very good

    • Anne N. · 28 January 2018
    • Super Sung, wonderful

    • Benno · 2 October 2017
    • interesting

    • werner baumgartner · 29 September 2017
    • It seems to me a simple but contagious and emotional piece of music. In the letter, he recounts events of the past, is bold, and longs for the independence of Scotland.

    • José Manuel · 31 May 2017
    • I like it, it is simple but really uplifting, great piece for flute also...

    • Katie Alamala · 11 May 2017
    • I like it, it is simple but really uplifting, great piece for flute also...

    • Katie Alamala · 11 May 2017

    • bob billy smith · 20 June 2016
    • All national anthems are beautiful to hear but this is special, a soft-spoken and catchy anthem that emotions suiscita clocked at bagpipe sound that can be dedicated to the Patriots not just in Scotland but throughout the world who fought and died for their country against tyranny and oppression should be called FLOWER OF WORD .... ... flowers in the world

    • ANGELO CLOWN · 24 October 2015
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    • Hlletf · 17 July 2015
    • I love this song. It's sentimental, it's melancholic and I have heard it sung many a time at Scottish fireplaces. It's so valuable because of its words: "Those days are past now |" And in the past. They must remain

    • Bobby Langer · 21 June 2015
    • i love this song

    • muntaha · 22 November 2013
    • Great to be able to get free downloads for personal use to learn to play on the piano

    • Janet · 1 October 2013
    • I hear it first by Amy McDonald and I will play it on my Banjo

    • Dirk Vogel · 26 September 2013
    • Great for a granddaughter flute who is doing research on Scotland.

    • Barry Sykes · 7 February 2013
    • Absolutely Terrible

    • Scott · 20 January 2013
    • Works just fine and doesn't sound retarded. Many thanks.

    • The Scottish Boogeyman · 6 December 2012
    • Very nice solo piece for voice or any Bb instrument. We would really like a full brass band score. With the Corries version counting is too difficult for intermediate players with all it's changes from12/8, 6/8, 9/8 etc. though when mastered it is really beautiful. Well done Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn in 1314, that spider changed Scottish history!

    • Martin · 2 June 2012
    • Magnificent play written to 1967 and interpreted by "The Corries". See their site. Roy died a few years ago (1990) did not initially imagined that his work would totally take the step on the official anthem of Scotland. Ronnie Brown surviving member of the group, has given him same f. of s. in opening of a Rugby match. (See YT.) Emouvant! Scotland it not always win but the Rugby and the brotherhood between nations have gained. As told Roger Couderc.

    • Guillemyn Daniel · 20 March 2012
    • One of the best I've ever heard

    • nilton vicente · 15 November 2011
    • super

    • patrice · 16 April 2011