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Reviews of Swiss Psalm (Schweizerpsalm) French lyrics

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Swiss Psalm (Schweizerpsalm) French lyrics Rating: 3.43 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
    • GRANDIOSE which melody mixes a beautiful text.For me it is very moving, and it is the most beautiful song in the world. Especially do not change it!

    • Bruno d'Hostel de Clémont · 20 February 2015
    • Beautiful patriotic song, even if the lyrics are a little

    • Louis Ribordy · 14 May 2014
    • Very beautiful song evoking the pristine spaces of is beautiful country

    • Vrignault · 30 March 2013
    • it was the most beautiful song my ears have ever recieved and I have three versions of it on my ipod nano

    • your mom · 15 June 2012
    • super beautiful

    • mulligan · 15 June 2012