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Reviews of Boléro Piano Four-Hands

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Boléro Piano Four-Hands Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
    • It is a perfect tuning of an orchestra or of any musical group, is Duo or greater.

    • Manel Fabregat i García · 16 March 2018
    • A masterpiece. Simply a musical genius.

    • Sídney Vitor da Silva · 4 June 2017
    • This song always makes me think back to a holiday long ago in Switzerland, if I hear the weather I get goose bumps now still so beautiful.

    • M. Voerman · 11 September 2016
    • excellent! long ago I was looking for it...Thank you!!!lucky that I found them

    • estela correa · 25 January 2013
    • This work for me as a layman in the classico is the maximum that I'm sorry the critics if is considered popular or not for me to study trumpet and taste of good music is ten.

    • Gilberto dos Santos · 10 January 2013
    • I love this song very much.

    • hsu · 12 June 2012
    • I find the musikstück very great you can very relax. I had to laugh me dead when I heard it

    • angelina braun · 12 June 2012
    • is necessary to maintain the art of music and to transmit it to those who cultivate this art. Seguire down scores of pieces that were erased from my mind, I can not schedule so many!

    • osvaldo hugo · 5 October 2011