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Reviews of The Reapers (Els Segadors) Voice

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The Reapers (Els Segadors) Voice Rating: 4.11 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
    • I don't like Spanish somos los dobles jajaajajajajajajjajajajajajajaja. you like to take esa puigdemon

    • josep anton vidal martinez · 20 November 2017
    • We have to play this piece for the Catalans Dragons and this partition will be useful for us. We are the banda "laurentins anguilous", of St. Laurent de la Salanque. Thank you for the partoche.

    • Mora Christian · 26 January 2016
    • Fantastic Visca catalunya

    • moukatali · 3 May 2015
    • I wish someone could tell me where I can get the key for version for cello

    • Josep Solé · 4 June 2014
    • ANDA luuuuce come to my land catalan comême the zipoteeee with all the catalesn to all the andalucesssss come bastards independites outside my country, Catalonia is Spain k' I enten d ala mortgage clinic my idom

    • antiindependentistas · 24 December 2013
    • This belongs to Spain you say what you say

    • Antonio cabello rodriguez · 10 September 2013
    • Visca Catalunya independent! ||*||
      Catalonia is prcocedure d'aquest country that ens is robant!

    • hola que tal · 6 September 2013
    • Beautiful, beautiful music, moves to the visceral. The Catalans are a nation and have been independent. Are from another civilization, than Kastylijczycy-a different lifestyle, different work ethos.

    • oakpark · 28 June 2013
    • What a great hymn, what a great nation, what great people, who are faced with the tradition.

    • Pau Requena · 12 February 2013
    • Catalonia has its own identity and the catalans this is your anthem. Long live Catalonia and don't be afraid of the Castilian!!!

    • Áurembiaix · 18 January 2013
    • Watch nois catalunya not pot be independent, pero tots les catalans tenim un sentiment to dintre i els segadors is a Himno nacional perque is the Himno que ens defineix com som or sigui that visca catalunya

    • marc garcia ciuró · 15 November 2012
    • Just what i needed. Would love to have the chords for piano too though.

    • Lucy · 22 September 2012
    • I have encamtat

    • Albert M. S. · 11 September 2012
    • Catalunta is and will be a country and a nation without state until the next little

    • Josep Santesmasses Rull · 23 July 2012
    • Catalonia is not a State, but it is a nation. Uneducated

    • Jose Antonio · 25 April 2012
    • I know Catalonia is not a nation, then it won't be a national anthem. It is a hymn of a Spanish region

    • angel · 18 April 2012
    • Independence of catalunya
      Visca Catalunya

    • pepe · 15 January 2012
    • Els Segadors is not a national anthem because Catalonia not is A nation, but a community of Spain.

    • Antonio Ruíz · 27 December 2011