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Reviews of O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum) Piano, Voice

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O Christmas Tree (O Tannenbaum) Piano, Voice Rating: 4.73 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.
    • Lovely for the Christmas Holiday Season

    • Armindo Gonçalves da Silva · 27 October 2018
    • very good and beautiful songs

    • liv · 18 December 2016
    • Good writing of the score. Thanks for availability.

    • Angelo De Nardis · 16 December 2015
    • Correct version. tasty

    • goyo · 29 November 2015
    • This song is beautiful, the Easter period is the most beautiful

    • Mario Algeri · 5 November 2013
    • The only website where you can free download it, wow thank you thank you!

    • Berta · 19 December 2012
    • soooooooooooo good

    • adrian · 18 December 2012
    • great service

    • Alessia martorana · 25 December 2011
    • It is one of the most representative of Christmas songs and who never loses that great sense of that period

    • Víctor Manuel Velázquez Macías · 17 December 2011
    • is a song explaining that just recently to have a Merry Christmas, that is, that many people in need cannot afford gifts but their happiness spreads where water is pure fresh mountains and deep blue skies, with a bit of snow over the city, but not excessive, and if they are happy with just a little snow we too must settle and banish gifts because you just really so little to tick a smile on a face and finally the snow flakes with drops every day full of emotions and feelings in our heart

    • caterina · 14 December 2011
    • I like this song much ... I've been very happy with this notes bulfuğuma

    • merve balıkçılar · 10 December 2011