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Reviews of The Holly and the Ivy SATB, Voice

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The Holly and the Ivy SATB, Voice Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
    • An elegant piece that is pleasing to hear and lingers in your head like a pleasant memory. This piece is also very old, it has clearly stood the test of time. It will likely keep on doing so!

    • Tarun S. · 8 May 2020
    • Lovely peice, and I believe is very old. This peice surely stood the test of time, and will probably keep on doing so.

    • Tarun S. · 8 May 2020
    • Nice piece.

    • Ojo Thomas · 4 December 2018
    • A simple arrangement but ideal for what I wanted it for.

    • Babs · 30 August 2014
    • Great! A perfect feel good Carol

    • S E Hooks · 21 November 2013
    • MU chula

    • Perico el de lo Palotes · 21 December 2011