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Reviews of Minuet in G TAB notation

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Minuet in G TAB notation Rating: 4.69 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.
    • Simply beautiful, someone educated worry to keep the beautiful classical music, and more for guitar. Thank you... Jorge Enrique.

    • Jorge Enrique Pinzón · 22 March 2017
    • I thought it was well the score that accompanies the bass and treble tones with harmonic

    • eric roy alcantara cruz · 22 May 2013
    • Excellent presentation.

    • Abel · 5 February 2013
    • It is a very good song and was the one and inspired classical guitar

    • juanitho · 18 November 2011
    • so good

    • kdiqs · 14 November 2011
    • If you wish to follow the score, it must grant the sixth string (mi) in D. Many times we can note that the author followed two agreements with the note D, the second being an octave. It is perfectly playable with the guitar.

    • Lacanal · 7 June 2011
    • This work is beautiful. Transmits feeling.

    • Cosme Cardoso · 19 March 2011