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Reviews of Concerto Grosso String Quartet, Violin, Violin, Viola, Cello

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Concerto Grosso String Quartet, Violin, Violin, Viola, Cello Rating: 4.88 out of 5 based on 25 reviews.
    • Gute Noten

    • Nadja · 7 May 2020
    • Cool but for the children it would be difficult.

    • Magdalena · 23 March 2017
    • I like this piece. Very interesting especially when you like the pieces that we carry into the wonderful world of music. Beautiful piece. I loved. I put 5 stars. Personally I play cello (cello). It is a great instrument.

    • Lea · 30 October 2015
    • Beautifully composition and interpretation

    • Rodolfo Calera Anzaldùa · 12 June 2015
    • I played this with 3 of my fellow orchestra members in 1995 around Christmas time.

    • Frances Goodin · 28 April 2013
    • I always find the score I'm looking for, congratulations to all!

    • María del Carmen Rivero · 22 December 2012
    • is very beautiful I love music especially feel happy I played violin and I hope some day playing concerto grosso

    • valentina mendez · 19 August 2012
    • STA very good I played the cello and I have 13 is the most beautiful I have this very very good I will touch jaj = P

    • yuliett · 13 July 2012
    • very good this work of Corelli ...
      I liked it the first time I saw and heard ...

    • Eduardo neto · 25 May 2012
    • is beautiful!! congratulations!!

    • anto · 21 December 2011
    • Super beautiful piece to good work and he serra kolosjoki! ^^

    • liza safanjon · 30 November 2011
    • To me is one of the most beautiful quartets recommended ... by mi = D!

    • FlorViolino · 15 July 2011
    • very buenaa! I play the violin at the conservatory and Kerri touch with the quartet have in camera k ...!!!=)

    • aitana rosón · 22 June 2011
    • Beautiful ... No words to describe it.

    • Romain Frati · 7 May 2011
    • I love this concert since small !!!!!!

    • ligia passos silveira · 18 April 2011
    • I love string quartet

    • Valerio Nardi · 3 February 2011
    • when I hear the concerto grosso with great joy I felt and the first time you touch me very happy or wise Sunti explain this feeling I say, that all classical musika is the best of life

    • moises · 14 November 2010
    • A, the first time I heard this piece of Corelli felt very much like the works of over the years starting to like her, and sometimes I hear on the day of Natal.Gostei arrangement thereof, is really a shame that people younger than me, prefer this bullshit, which will play all the time in the fms Brasil.Já, tried to make a progama only classical music, in both fms here, but the attempt was to asses n , água.Congratulações by the initiative of bringing beautiful music to our homes even if it goes through the Computador.BRAVO!

    • Cantidio Ribeiro De Oliveira E Silva · 9 November 2010
    • This piece is beautiful. I'm a cellist and my sister is a violinist who later hopefully can get 2 more people to be able to play this concert! :)

    • Maria Beatriz Picas De Carvalho Magalhães · 8 August 2010
    • as i violin player this is such a wonderful piece especially during the holidays. i give it five stars. the arrangement and quality of this piece is top notch and i will continue to use cantorion for sheet music

    • Drift Queen · 20 December 2009
    • I actually used this in my first year of university, when the music students were asked to come up with something for the Christmas concert. Four and a half stars for the typesetting and accuracy... But I can't help taking half a star off because the performance went so badly I still cringe to think about it!

    • Joan Cantor · 4 December 2008