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The Ash Grove Piano Rating: 4.36 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.
    • Perfectly Authentic!! THIS IS the original melody and chords/harmonic structure. I have researched this tune in great detail, and this is a perfect rendition of how this song was written, before modern singers and musicians embellished it to death with all those eighth notes. The "extra notes" that everybody wants to hear in the bridge are corruptions. It's perfect for beginning musicians who want to play a "real" song that is simple and sounds good.

    • Doc Elliott · 9 March 2017
    • Great way to get the hang of it

    • Chloe · 9 April 2016
    • my name is jeff

    • eden · 21 January 2016
    • The part where the song goes "twas there while the blackbird..." misses out a few notes. Otherwise, its good. I'm learning it for my grade 3 singing and love it!

    • abi · 7 June 2012
    • Needs more harmonic material in the third line -- some more chords: B minor and Fsharp minor . . .

    • Nick Barnett · 20 July 2011
    • I remember it from 70 years ago at school. Loved it then love it now.

    • jodi · 2 July 2011
    • I love this song! It's best when you are singing with it.

    • Rosey · 19 March 2011
    • I thought the piece was good but could be improved upon.

    • Clara · 28 November 2009