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Ave Maria ave maria Rating: 4.94 out of 5 based on 33 reviews.
    • Thank you for this partition. This Ave Maria is wonderful light. Good transcript, easy to play for pianists.

    • Pascale · 27 January 2016
    • Beautiful piece I don't know

    • Claude Beaudoin · 3 January 2016
    • It's a heart, wonderful, this composition is very touching, it is placed in the time of Jesus

    • Diana · 21 November 2015
    • How is it possible to get the orchestral parts for this piece. I want to perform this Ave Maria in December. if anyone has any clues on where to get the parts, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

    • Marco · 3 November 2015
    • Beautiful melody

    • Mercedes · 20 September 2015
    • I love this song! I have many Ave Marias Sung, but this is in addition to the by Bach/Gounod, one of the most beautiful that I have so far kennengelenrt. Thank you to the composer and author.

    • Juliane · 19 September 2015
    • Beautiful! I love m. Lorenc's musuc:-D

    • Marzena · 8 September 2015
    • A very beautiful Ave Maria.

    • Gita Schwinger · 8 September 2015
    • Beatiful piece

    • Javier · 13 August 2015
    • The most beautiful Ave Maria that I've ever heard

    • Buhr Ralf · 19 July 2015
    • The beautiful piece! It will be great if the the end of the piece can be extended longer with more sophisticated arrangement in the piano accompaniment.

    • Neil Lin · 7 July 2015
    • Very good this piece, excellent

    • Alejandro Antonio López Pérez · 14 November 2014
    • exellent piece Nice has the ear

    • willy · 29 May 2014
    • I like very much

    • Hector Martinez · 10 May 2014
    • a beautiful Ave Maria. It became my favorite song.

    • Gerti · 30 April 2014
    • Beautiful ave maria. Thanks to bernie for making me it discover

    • Cath Julien · 5 April 2014
    • Mr. Lorenc, Hello! I so wish I could sing this Ave Maria, as beautiful as moving but it will take me a partition. I'm looking for a long time in the trade in Switzerland, without success. I would like to know where could find it. What is should order you it directly? I thank you in advance the attention given to this request. And, once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for this beauty dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to share it with us. Julia Pozza-Marçal

    • Pozza-Marçal Julia · 25 March 2014
    • Magnififique!

    • eric gnassounou · 23 March 2014
    • I heart it on Youtube the first time and I'm thrilled :)

    • Peter Mayer · 10 February 2014
    • beautifully :-)
      Thanks Michal Lorenc

    • Spataky · 13 January 2014
    • Wonderful music (wonderful song)!!!
      The version with the soprano Olga Szyrowa is a show
      (the version with the soprano Olga Szyrowa is amazing).

    • Luiz Morato Jr. · 7 December 2013
    • Beautiful and there is no what to speak;)

    • Marzena · 26 September 2013
    • The typesetting is of high quality. The ratio of music to trim size is excellent, making it very easy on the eyes to peruse. The music itself is marvelous. It is a good medium-size (vocal) piece to entrance audience after audience. And, in that fashion, as the length of this work resembles a character piece and/or study, multiple arrangements, interpretations, reductions, etc. can be easily gleaned. A tour de force.

    • Hans Friedrich Nölcke · 28 June 2013
    • Bravo! Thank you.

    • Georges Dangleterre · 4 June 2013