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Reviews of Piano Concerto No. 20 Full score

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Piano Concerto No. 20 Full score Rating: 4.88 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.
    • I'm studying this concert and every time I find it more exciting.

    • ÀNGEL NADAL CLÚA · 5 September 2019
    • The great Mozart, who was able to achieve a very high degree of purity in this concerto. I never never tired of listening to, especially the allegro.

    • Hubert · 16 June 2012
    • 2 Movement wanted to play piano

    • 武志 松井 · 18 January 2012
    • Such an excellent piece! I used the score to my advantage when writing an essay for a musical history course. Excellent resource!

    • Nikki · 24 November 2011
    • It is one of the best books I've ever heard in my life.The best concerto for piano and orchestra in the history of the perfection of music.The Mozart.Não get tired of hearing it and it seems that the more the more I hear admiro.É a fantastic work of a formal beauty and aesthetics contagious, that moves me from the beginning to a Mozartian fim.Sou confident and passionate.

    • sildo vital gaudereto · 25 July 2011
    • cool

    • sabri · 3 May 2011
    • This is my favorite of all pieces of classical music. It's so dark, yet ends on a very cheerful note (no pun intended). Every time I hear Piano Concert 20, it moves me to tears its so beautiful and reading the sheet music makes me very happy.

    • Adrienne · 15 February 2011