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Calon Lân SATB Rating: 4.83 out of 5 based on 47 reviews.
    • This was sung at a friend’s funeral. A wonder hymn.

    • Nick Finke · 6 December 2020
    • you should hear the version by the fron voice choir. wonderful.

    • sad sabboo · 11 November 2020
    • Tolle Noten für Orgel und Chor

    • Reinhard · 21 March 2020
    • I sang this piece in Welsh with flute accompaniment at the memorial service for a Welsh friend. Choir members who understood not a word of Welsh said it was the most beautiful thing they had ever heard. It finds a place in your heart and stays forever. Thank you for making it available.

    • Gale D. · 10 February 2020
    • I was moved so much when I heard Welsh rugby fans singing this song during the World Cup 2019 in Japan.

    • Toshiya Kaneda · 5 December 2019
    • I have never played Calon Lân before, so it will be a challenge.
      Thank you very much for your kind sharing.
      X Lona

    • Lona · 5 February 2019
    • I heard this piece on "Britain's Got Talent" (recommended by someone else) and I fell in love with it. My home church is ST. David's Episcopal and our patron saint is St. David of Wales, so I love discovering new Welsh music.

    • Kim Neighbor · 15 September 2018
    • I heard this piece on Youtube sung by Only Boys Aloud and I really enjoyed the artistry and the musical composition. I would like to share this version with some local singers. I would love to find the hymn version with the words in English!

    • Paul Holden · 16 May 2018
    • I just heard the Welsh singing group "Only Boys Aloud" perform this song on Youtube.
      I still have goose bumps... this is great music and great singing!
      Do yourself a favor, sit back, and listen to whatever you can find by these inspiring young men sing to you! I am listening to them sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" as I write! ☺

    • Paul Holden · 15 May 2018
    • I learned this hymn in the Camwy T14 Institute of the city of Gaiman, Welsh colony in Chubut province, I am very grateful for having been able to access the score of so beautiful melody and lyric. Thanks a lot!!

    • Carlos Roberto Iguri · 29 January 2018
    • Just a personal preference I would have preferred this in A flat or even G. Slightly better for a male voice but a great hymn -not unusual for the Welsh!!

    • steveaitch · 7 August 2017
    • Beautiful music, beautiful words, beautifully produced, beautifully clear layout, simply beautiful, diolch yn fawr

    • Mal · 19 April 2016
    • This was a lifesaver because I needed this tune to play for a hymn this morning and the church didn't have one when I checked yesterday. It is super that it is all on one page too. Many thanks.

    • Jenny Anderson · 17 January 2016
    • absolutely beautiful tune and we put 'what a friend we have in Jesus' to it - SUBLIME

    • yvonne · 16 September 2015
    • Da iawn diolch

    • Salty Halen · 4 September 2015
    • Absolutely marvelously beautiful!!! Needed for a Welsh funeral, and 'fits the bill.'

    • Arthur J. Straub · 21 July 2015
    • Most beautiful song for my mother's Service of Thanksgiving

    • Jane Bebbington · 12 March 2015
    • Wonderful inspiring hymn

    • Sid Emery · 7 March 2015
    • Clear, well organised. I also have a TTBB arrangement by Alwyn Humphreyss and they are both such unique arrangements of this very beautiful and stirring Welsh Hymn - Calon Lan (A Pure Heart). Love it and sing the Humphreys arrangement in a small mens choir.

    • Clive Basson · 13 August 2014
    • An absolute favourite of mine with so much feeling

    • Joachim Fischer · 14 May 2014
    • Excellent tune - heard it at a brass band contest and wanted to include it for our concert band

    • Bob Batty · 16 April 2014
    • Very well set out - crystal clear to read, and accurate. Would be good to provide alternate keys, if you don't already. Many thanks - I'll be using it at a crematorium funeral this afternoon!

    • Stripey · 18 February 2014
    • Love this music!! Thank you for the sheet music

    • anna davison · 29 November 2013
    • What a banal song. The words are trivial and the tune could have been written by a GCSE student. What are the welsh thinking?

    • Amber newtons hat a banal song! The words are triv · 4 August 2013
    • This is just great - readable - playable music !!
      Thank you so much Cantorion.

    • Eleanor [Tiz] Odell · 13 July 2013
    • very good!!

    • jin hyuk · 29 May 2013
    • Easy to download, excellent arrangement and....FREE. Amazing! Thank you.

    • Sharon Parmenter · 7 January 2013
    • This is......brilliant
      It is to be used forna cello, and original voice arr.


    • emily clark · 20 November 2012
    • There's lovely, now in a minute, isn't it!!

    • Billy Big Bollocks · 3 October 2012
    • Excellent, typesetting good, very clear to read, a good key to sing in.

    • David W · 16 September 2012
    • very clear and succint

    • gwynant cwmbowydd · 4 June 2012
    • heart up to the piano music is wonderful , beautiful song .

    • sal · 23 May 2012
    • Magnificent Hymn and excellent interpretations although totally different

    • Giorgio Gallizioli · 24 March 2012
    • lovely song :)<3

    • gingerbitz · 6 March 2012
    • very good

    • regementarthur francis · 6 November 2011
    • I have been living in the USA for over 30 yrs and wanted to hear the pure Welsh version of this beautiful hymn. It brought tears to my eyes.

    • Eileen · 27 September 2011
    • A recording Sian James is better than another by Katherine Jenkins in my opinion - although I'm only a learner myself, it sounds to me that a Welsh speaker Sian James and that is a second language speaker is Katherine Jenkins. Do you agree? If yes, how about recording Sian James first, although he was the one who started singing when people click on "listen"? Thanks.

    • Mike · 1 May 2011
    • For men's voices -- super!

    • Shirley · 8 February 2011
    • Good!

    • Weaver Dunn · 12 January 2011
    • Very well, thank you! The "perfect"! Goodbye.

    • Gareth ap Ioan · 27 September 2010
    • So easy to find! Brilliant. Diolch!

    • CHris · 16 August 2010
    • Though an Englishman, I have lived in Wales for many years and love the opportunity to sing this hymn - preferably in Welsh - in my church. To hear the congregation sing this piece is something to behold. Diolch!

    • Steve Reeves · 7 July 2010
    • I live in america and wanted to sing this in church. It was amazing to find it so easily. Thank you, thank you.

    • rilliamsuth w · 28 March 2010
    • I needed it for a wedding. Very useful to be able to find it so easily.

    • Ted Sweet · 20 July 2009