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St Matthew Passion Vocal score Rating: 4.96 out of 5 based on 23 reviews.
    • light to access easy to download

    • buono il sito · 15 November 2016
    • It's a masterpiece, admirable for its counterpoint and his formal perfection used as a resource for great expressiveness.

    • Mário Batista Catelli · 19 April 2016
    • I love Johann Sebastian Bach and his music.
      J.s.Bach is the greatest musician of all time for me.
      And his St Matthew passion is also wonderful.
      And I think it's great that I can free download the sheet music to.
      Thank you very much!!!

    • Norobot · 25 March 2016
    • Beautiful music, inspired and virtuosic. The arrangement is highly relevant, the general mood is respected and well restored harmony.

    • Tien NGUYEN · 5 April 2015
    • It's beautiful and it's great having it complete

    • nava lopez ajelet · 11 October 2014
    • Thanks to the Aria "Erbarme dich" I discovered opera and have a unbreakable forever link with my father.

    • ANE · 22 June 2013
    • wonderful this possibility. I thank you very much for this.

    • Friedrich Richard · 12 April 2013
    • Legible hand piano, thank you. My daughter and I read is currently in the evening and listen to it a recording under Herreweghe us. Beautifully.

    • Thomas · 21 July 2012
    • One of Bach's most wondrous vocal solos. With the violin obbligato,one of the most pathetic and heartrending pieces in the entire literature

    • R Galbraith · 8 April 2012
    • Beautiful music. I can now read ' a ' at runtime. Thanks for sharing.

    • Emma · 28 March 2012
    • Wonderful display of brilliant composer

    • Ana María Marqués · 24 August 2011
    • Dramatic work of sublime genius Bach.

    • Carlos Alberto da Silva Santos · 15 August 2011
    • An exceptional piece, one of the most beautiful compositions of Bach!

    • Cezar Kapp · 11 August 2011
    • And 'one of the few wonders mankind has ever created, challenging and reaching the absolute perfection that is not of this world

    • santoproc · 8 June 2011
    • wonderful score. Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Isabel Escribano · 1 May 2011
    • very good

    • mªjesus guasch alsina · 9 January 2011
    • I am looking for the piano score for "the Befiehl deine Wege ..." to sing at Christmas with my family, I found this beautiful choir, music and lyrics.

    • Elsa Wack · 29 November 2010
    • It is great but I must say that it is an opinion of a chorister. I'm sure not even the singers and music lovers will not appreciate. In any case, I recommend strongly to buy the CD

    • Francesca · 11 January 2010